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Personal Stationery by Tom Froese
Check out more of the personal stationery by Tom Froese or find other graphic design inspiration on WE AND THE COLOR.
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Màtte HOME brand Photography & styling / Lina Gavėnaitė
Màtte HOME was tailor made to beautify the precious place called home. We found nature, took our hands and created a recipe for your HOME.


Blind: Oil Paintings

Beautiful series of oil on canvas paintings by Israeli artist Roy Nachum.

“Roy Nachum explores the boundaries between visual and non-visual perception, his artworks are aimed at people both with and without sight. Messages or poems are inserted in Braille to evoke sensation in the blind ‘viewer’ or participant akin to those felt experiencing a painting through sight.


'FOOD MAPS' - Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin map the world’s most famous foods.

Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves (check out this amazing Tumblr!) and food stylist Caitlin Levinmotivated by a passion for travel, have created ‘Food Maps’, a playful cartography series of geographical locations made out of the iconic foods that best represent them. Painstakingly crafted with real, unadulterated food, the silhouettes are packed with edible materials — corn in various forms fills the United States, vibrantly colored kiwis compose New Zealand and biscuit bits build the United Kingdom.